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16 Beauty & Skincare Questions with Model and Student Khady Silman

With the #CacaoBeautySecret interview series, get to know our favorite influencers and community members in 16 short questions. Together, we take a closer look at their beauty routines to get inspired and unleash OUR beauty on OUR own terms. Tag us (@cacaoskincare) in a skincare selfie on instagram with the hashtag #CacaoBeautySecrets to share with us your favorite beauty secrets and a chance to be featured on our pages.

We got to know Khady and she shared some of her favorite beauty tips. Now let’s get into it !

Meet Khady :

1. Can you introduce yourself ?
“My name is Khady SILMAN, I am 20 years old and I am currently a student in international trade with work-linked training so I also work in this field.
In another context, I am also a model.”  @_itskhady


2. What would be the title of your Autobiography ?
The title of my autobiography would be: "Ambition and Modesty".

3. And how would you describe yourself in 3 emojis?
It would be
“the angry one 😡
-the praying hands 🙏
- and the little red heart ❤️”

4. What’s your skin type ?
I have “oily black skin with little to no imperfections”

5. What does self care mean for you?
“Self care is about mental health and taking care of your soul.”

6. How would you define Beauty ?
“Beauty is everywhere, it’s hidden everywhere and can't really be defined. The important thing is to say that we are all part of this word.”

Khady’s Beauty Secrets

7. What’s your skincare routine (day & night) ?
In the morning, I use :

Yves Rocher’s Face wash ,toner , moisturizing serum and moisturizing cream from the Sebo Végétal line and an Avène Sunscreen

In the evening , I use :

The Dudu Osun Black Soap Cleanser

The Niacinamide Ordinary Serum

     Vaseline Petroleum as a lip balm

8. Do you prefer testing new beauty products always or having a fixed routine? 
“I am always testing new products in search of products that fit my needs perfectly”

9. Do you prefer yourself with Makeup or without it?
“I haven't mastered makeup yet, but even when I get makeup done professionally I prefer my face without it. I feel heavy with foundation on my face. I just like to do my eyebrows and create lip combos, and put on a good moisturizer. That's enough for me right now.”

10. What beauty product can’t you go without ?
“I can't do without Vaseline, morning, noon and night, to moisturize my lips and add shine to my face.”

11. Do you use beauty products from African Brands or brands  by Afro-descendants? If not, why not? If yes, which ones?
“I use a lot of shea butter in my beauty regimen, pure shea butter that comes directly from Senegal.”

12. Which beauty advice would you give yourself at thirteen years old?
“The beauty advice I would give myself at 13 is to start taking care of myself, having been very active , playing sports at a very young age, I really didn't have the time to take care of myself because of the trainings and I suffered the consequences afterwards with problematic skin that I learned to take care of.”

13. Can you share with us the best compliment you’ve ever been given and who it was from?
“The best compliment I received was from my father who complimented me on my looks and I really appreciated it since he doesn't pay attention to appearance at all.”

14. What is your favorite part of your self-care routine ?
“I love doing masks, taking this time to relax and read a book at the same time”

15. The best way for you to decompress and relax?
“For me, the best way to decompress is to turn off your phone. To isolate yourself from all the information that is thrown at you every day. To take a book to read or a coloring book and take some time to realize the reality in which we live.”

16. What is the best beauty secret you have ever received? Who gave it to you?
“The best beauty secret I've ever been given is from my mom, she gave me a recipe for a moisturizing and natural mask that makes for great even skin. Since it's a secret, I won't say more.”



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