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Luxury African Beauty brand to know: Epara Skincare

Luxury African Beauty brand to know: Epara Skincare

In our quest to build Cacao as the leading sanctuary for the best A-beauty brands in the world, we scoured the internet, social media, magazines , and our closed ones brains to unearth skincare and wellness gems. This is how we found Epara and fell in love. 

1. What is Epara? 

    Women of color deserve luxurious skincare products that work ! This is why Epara was created. Epara is a luxury skincare brand formulated with organic ingredients sourced from Africa. 

    Epara was founded by Ozohu Adoh in 2017 to treat skin care concerns for herself after not being able to find any high end products that would work.Skincare concerns common to a lot of women of color:  hyperpigmentation and hydration.

    The name of the brand  “Epara” means “to cocoon oneself” in Ebira, a Nigerian Dialect. It is a beautiful collection of products especially designed to nourish, protect and pamper your skin, ​​ transforming the best natural and organic african botanical ingredients into high quality scientifically proven products. Added bonus : the packaging is as chic and well throughout as the products.

    So if you have ever wondered  ‘how to get rid of hyperpigmentation”, Epara is the brand for you.

    2. Our favorites 


    A nourishing cleansing oil that removes impurities while reducing hyperpigmentation and soothing irritation for an even skin tone.With its highly nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, skin is left glowing, blemishes are diminished and hyperpigmentation is reduced.


    A rich, nourishing face cream that moisturizes and smoothes the skin. It uses clinically proven plant extracts and botanical ingredients to target blemishes, even out skin tone and provide SPF15 protection all the while reducing hyperpigmentation, and  the appearance of fine lines.


    An ultra-rich night balm that evens skin tone and reduces hyperpigmentation for radiant skin.The face is hydrated, smooth and youthful


    A moisturizing face mask that softens, cleanses and purifies the skin. It promotes a healthy complexion by fighting blemishes, eliminating toxins and controlling sebum production. The skin is hydrated, luminous and the complexion is uniform.


    We said it and will say it again : what’s not to love?

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