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Nebedai : an innovative skincare using natural wonders

Nebedai was created by Safi Tshinsele-Van Bellingen in 2019. It uses natural ingredients with great health properties to heal the skin. The name which means « never die » in wolof in reference to the moringa plant which is the star ingredients in the Divine range.
Nebedai is genderless and timeless, the products are targeted to everyone. Nebedai combines natural ingredients and laboratory innovation to ensure healthy, smooth, even tone, firm and hydrated skin. Nebedai does not use harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients to improve scent or color of a product.

The Divine range

The Divine Range is made of three products : the Divine Cleansing Oil, the Glow Divin face oil, the Divine Night Spot Treatment.

Divine range

The Divine Cleansing Oil

A gentle cleanser that  doesn’t strip your skin and leaves your face suppled and hydrated; It is also fragrance-free to reduce the risk of irritation. The combination of Moringa oil, high in antioxidant and antiseptic properties, with hazelnut oil, to moisturize your skin, and Avocado oil, a highly moisturizing emollient with antioxidant properties, makes Divine Cleansing Oil a perfect solution to clean your face without impairing its natural barrier.

The Glow Divin

An all-in-one facial oil that reduces scars and dark spots, brighten skin, and even skin tone. Also helps fight minor inflammation and improves skin’s texture. It is formulated with virgin Moringa oil.

The Divine Night Spot Treatment

It reduces inflammation and skin texture without irritating the skin. The serum is packed with active ingredients from grape seed oil, carrot seed essential oil and Moringa oil. Divine Night Spot Treatment will  remove spots without irritating your sensitive skin. Use nighttime as the last step of your routine and/or daytime before moisturizing.

This is  natural skincare brand that will boost your beauty routine is available in our store.

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