Summer must-have by Rita Cacao's Co Founder

Summer must-have by Rita Cacao's Co Founder

It's a great joy for me, Rita, co-founder of Cacao, the platform that celebrates black, dark and mixed-race skin and highlights skincare products created by Afrodescendants that work for all skin types and complexions, to reveal my must-have skincare products for this summer!

 Co-founder of Cacao

As a skincare addict, I've selected my favorite African Beauty (A-Beauty) products for the summer.

Here's my selection :

MUSACLEAN - Cleansing gel

My favorite cleanser is the Kadalys cleansing gel. Made with yellow banana, it gently purifies my skin and leaves it feeling fresh. It's become an indispensable morning ritual for me. I highly recommend it!

Cleansing Gel Kadalys

Black Girl Sunscreen

To moisturize my skin while protecting it from the sun, I opt for Black Girl Sunscreen. Its clean, moisturizing formula quickly penetrates my skin, leaving it soft and without a white film. I'm delighted to have discovered it and I encourage you to try it too!
black girl sunscreen spf 30

Idan Oil

For extra hydration and a touch of delicate fragrance, I use Liha Beauty's Idan oil. This tuberose-infused coconut oil is a real treat for my skin. I apply it generously once or twice a week after showering and feel instantly enveloped in softness. Try it and you'll be won over!
Idan Oil
No matter what recommendations you follow, the most important thing is to take care of your skin this summer. Protect yourself from the sun, moisturize regularly and don't forget to listen to your skin's unique needs. Enjoy this sunny season with healthy, glowing skin!

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