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Why Your Skin Looks So Dull ( And How To Fix It)

Skin concerns are often closely tied to a person’s skin type. Breakouts for oily skin, dry patches on dry skin and so on. Dull or ashy skin on the other hand, can plague any skin type, effectively stopping you from looking and feeling your best. 


Dull skin often occurs when the skin is not moisturized enough to remain smooth and supple. It is a skin concern that plagues everyone no matter their skin color (white skin, black or brown skin). 

This phenomenon occurs more frequently in hot and dry climates or, in winter, when the cold and dry air deprives the skin of its water.

Dull skin can also be caused by fatigue or stress, an unbalanced diet, an inadequate skincare regimen, aging or environmental stressors like pollution. This is why it is important to take all aspects of your lifestyle into account when you are trying to solve this skin concern.

How to counter it? 
To say goodbye to a dull complexion and regain radiant skin, implement these steps to your routine depending on the cause of your dull or ashy skin


I have noticed my skin has gotten duller as I age

The skin is uniquely impacted by the natural aging process. As you age, collagen and elastin production slows.  These key proteins are responsible for maintaining skin structure, add to this environmental factors  and this can result in dull, uneven-looking skin.

How to counter it? 
While you can’t stop the natural aging process, healthy skin habits and a good skincare routine can help limit some of the visible signs of aging, including dullness.
To help protect your skin against the external factors that can result in tired, dull-looking skin, we recommend incorporating the Detox Serum from Melyon into your daily skincare routine. This potent serum is formulated with hyaluronic acid to minimize the appearance of fine lines for a visibly more youthful appearance, broccoli extract, to protect the skin from oxidative stress, baobab oil for its moisturizing properties.

I have dry skin or dehydrated skin 

“Dry” and “dehydrated” skin can cause the skin to appear lackluster or dull.

How to counter it? 
Keep your skin well hydrated ! That means having the proper skincare routine especially when it comes to the type of moisturizer you use. Also, adopt healthy habits like drinking plenty of water..
To moisturize your skin and reduce dullness, try a daily moisturizer like Forte Retinol Lustre Moisturiser from Freya+Bailey. This face cream is easily absorbed into the skin. It contains vitamin C for brighter, firmer skin and AHAs that exfoliate and stimulate the cell renewal process. If you have highly sensitive skin or rosacea, try the  gentle formula  of the organic comforting cream from Kadalys.

Even though I moisturize I have dull skin and an uneven skin texture

A rough or uneven skin texture can make skin appear dull. This textured skin can be due to dead skin cell buildup from acne or even dryness.  

How to counter it? 
In order to restore your skin to its habitual glow , incorporate exfoliants like face scrubs, or chemical exfoliants, like acids—into your regular skincare routine. This will help remove dead cells from your skin’s surface and promote  a smoother, more uniform appearance.
For gentle exfoliation, try swapping out your current face wash for a mild scrub, like the cleanser from Award winning brand Freya+Bailey, the Awake AHA Molecular Glow Cleanser. This facial cleanser stars niacinamide, vitamine C and vitamine E making it a perfect cleanser to minimize the appearance of pores, tonify the skin and visibly brighten it. 
After cleansing, reach for a brightening toner to soothe your skin and remove any leftover residue or excess oil. For dull skin, we recommend the Exhale! Decongest Toner by Freya + Bailey. This daily toner helps diminish the appearance of dullness for a visibly clearer, more even-looking appearance with continued use.

I have dull skin because i live in a area with a lot of pollution and I am over exposed to the sun 

Sun exposure and pollution are major culprits when it comes to dull, lackluster-looking skin. because of free radicals. These damaging molecules can affect the skin’s production of collagen and elastin and lead to changes in skin color.

How to counter it? 
As the saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”  which is why to balance the effects of pollution and sun exposure, it is important to incorporate antioxidants into your skincare routine.
Sunscreen also should be part of your routine to protect your skin. Try Unsun's Mineral Tinted Sunscreen,  which provides lightweight, broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s UV rays. The formula is formulated to cover a large range of skin tones without leaving behind a ghostly residue.

Finally, when concerned with dull skin, it is important to rebalance from within. Beautiful skin is linked with a healthy diet that provides all the nutrients that allow the body to prosper. You can also think of supplementing your diet with some supplements if necessary. 

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