What is self-care? (and 10 ways to get started)

What is self-care? (and 10 ways to get started)

Everywhere you turn today, you hear about the importance of Self-care whether from a close friend or social media. Some people love it and others don’t get what all the fuss is about, see it as a trend or a business plan. 

So, what is Self care ? 

Self care is the act of protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress. It’s all about preserving and improving one's health mentally, spiritually and/or physically. Self care has been proven to reduce stress, improve the immune system, increase productivity, and higher self-esteem.

Sounds good right? But figuring out how to take care of ourselves is not an easy feat. Information out there is endless about the “right way” to do self care. but the truth  is that self care looks different for everyone. It can look like putting on a hydrating face mask , sweating it out in the gym,watching netflix and chilling or seeing a medical professional for your mental health. So, never forget to  do what works for you. That’s the only way to do true self-care.

This is why we have decided to list 10 ideas for you to test out , to start your own selfcare routine.

     1. Skincare routine as Self care 

Try that hydrating face mask and take some time to be still.

      2. Journaling

Writing down thoughts , fears, plans and dreams can be cathartic emotionally and help focus on the present, alleviating anxiety and stress.

     3. Meditation

There are many benefits to meditation especially if you need to reduce stress and relax your body.  Maybe this is the self care practice you should try to implement?

    4. Make-up routine 

Just like painting and drawing, a good make up routine can be therapeutic, helping you slow down your body and mind and focus on a specific task.

    5. Exercise you actually enjoy

Working out should not be a punishment, it should be fun. Starting an exercise practice you enjoy can help improve mood, health and self confidence. 

   6. Alone time

Find some time for yourself. Did you know that you can take yourself out? Go to the movies by yourself and relax.

  7. Time with friends or family

Nothing beats confiding in friends or a good family dinner to reconnect with your loved ones. Life can seem lonely, never forget to reach out to those that care about you the most.

  8. Therapy 

Sometimes, the best self care comes in the form of therapy and professional help. If you feel you need to, don’t be afraid to  contact a mental health professional for assistance and guidance. 

 9. Hobbies

Find an activity that brings you joy and do it, regularly. 

10. A Break from electronics

It is known that Social Media can create a wave of unpleasant feelings like jealousy, envy, loneliness, so when looking to create a better self care routine, try unplugging for a while.

Let us know what your self-care routine is if you have one and if there is anything on our list you would like to try.

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