Our Story

Hello , welcome to the world of A - Beauty !

A-Beauty (African Beauty) is the alliance between ancestral beauty secrets and modern formulations. Simply put, it is a term used to refer to beauty products that come from Africa and its diaspora. Products that are often inspired by the rich biodiversity of the African continent.

Rooted in ancestral know-how, A-beauty is above all "clean", botanical and ethical. It is the permanent search for a balance between nature and science. Although today clean beauty can mean a myriad of things. This is what it means to us.

How about revolutionizing beauty?


From our love for A-beauty was born Cacao.
Cacao is a platform designed to share with the world the best beauty and wellness brands, products and rituals that Africa and its diaspora have to offer. We want to contribute to bring more diversity in the beauty industry and transform it

CACAO is first and foremost the principle that beauty is not reserved for some but for all of us.
WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL and our beauty deserves to be on the cover of every magazine.
Our goal is to create a sanctuary where everyone is always welcome.

More than anything, we believe that True Beauty is not superficial, it is all-encompassing.


When you do good, you feel good. That's why we want to contribute to the development of communities in need in Africa. We are creating a philanthropic initiative: Initiative Chaye, to provide access to education and health care for communities in need.