Cacao, the Clean Beauty Platform Dedicated to African Beauty, Featured in Amina Magazine

Cacao, the Clean Beauty Platform Dedicated to African Beauty, Featured in Amina Magazine

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you ! Cacao, the clean beauty platform dedicated to African Beauty, was mentioned in the prestigious Amina magazine. This feature in such a renowned print magazine is a recognition of the hard work and passion we have poured into our unique concept. In this article, we will explain in detail what "African Beauty" means and how Cacao has become a true beauty haven for brands within this movement.

The Concept of African Beauty

African Beauty, or A-Beauty, is a term that signifies the alliance between ancestral African beauty secrets and modern formulations. It is a movement that celebrates beauty products originating from Africa and its diaspora. These products often draw inspiration from the rich biodiversity of the African continent, emphasizing natural ingredients and traditional beauty rituals passed down through generations.

Cacao: A Clean Beauty Platform Dedicated to African Beauty

Cacao was created with the aim of celebrating African Beauty and shining a spotlight on brands that share this vision. Our platform is entirely dedicated to promoting clean and ethical beauty products from Africa and its diaspora. We have carefully curated a selection of brands that draw inspiration from African traditions and ingredients to create high-quality beauty products.

Our mission is to provide a unique and enriching shopping experience for our customers. As a beauty haven for African Beauty brands, we offer a curated  range of skincare products. Each brand featured on Cacao has been chosen  with extreme care.

The Mention in Amina Magazine

We are incredibly proud to have been featured in Amina magazine, a magazine renowned  for its dedication to black women. You can read the feature below :

Feature in Amina Magazine : picture of the two sisters founders with the article under the picture

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