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What Are Skin Phototypes?

From light to dark, there are many shades of skin out there. Although the skin structure remains the same, differences do exist due to the presence of melanin and external factors. To take good care of your skin, you must use products that match your phototype.

What are phototypes

According to the  Fitzpatrick skin type system : There are six categories, ranging from light to dark skin tones. The categories are based on factors such as skin color, hair color, and susceptibility to sunburns. The higher the phototype number, the less likely someone is to experience sunburns and skin damage, but all skin types need protection from the sun.

Which phototype am I ?

Type I: People with very fair skin, freckles, and light-colored eyes. They always burn and never tan in the sun.

Type II: People with fair skin and light eyes. They usually burn in the sun but can sometimes develop a light tan.

Type III: People with medium-toned skin and brown eyes. They may experience mild burning in the sun but can develop a moderate tan.

Type IV: People with olive-toned skin and dark eyes. They rarely burn in the sun and can develop a tan.

Type V: People with dark skin and dark eyes. They rarely burn and tan easily.

Type VI: People with very dark skin and dark eyes. They never burn and have a deeply pigmented skin tone.

Matte skin corresponds to phototype 4 and people with mixed-race or black skin have a phototype of 5 to 6.

Some skin concerns can be  more prevalent in certain phototypes like hyperpigmentation, dehydration, dryness and more. To find a routine that works for your skin type and concerns, do our skin care quiz here.

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