Everything you need to know about face toners : Do you need them?

Everything you need to know about face toners : Do you need them?

So you’ve started to get into skincare and create a nice routine for your skin. You clean, tone , mask, moisturize,  you do everything the experts say to do but deep down you’ve always wondered : what the heck is a toner ? Is it really useful or is it just another  “marketing trick” ? Let us break it down for you

What is a toner ? 

A toner is a water like liquid that penetrates into the skin quickly. 

In the past toners were used to remove any product residue, excess oil or debris left on the skin after cleansing. They were often alcohol-based and could be drying. 

Today, toners are so much more. When added to a daily routine they can be a game-changer, a step closer to bright, plump and refreshed skin.
Indeed, more than ever, toners are  a versatile product, doing more than removing last traces of residues and impurities. Depending on the type of toner, they come packed with powerful ingredients like acids , glycerin, and other skin soothing ingredients. Toners can restore the skin's pH level, smooth the skin and improve skin tone.

In a skincare routine, toners should be used both day and night, after cleansing, exfoliating or masking and before serums and moisturizers. Toners are generally the second step in a skincare routine.

Which toner for your skin needs/type?

With so many toners to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which one would be best for you. The key is to know your skin type and needs. 

For oily skin

Acid toners are the way to go. They help chemically exfoliate the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells and unclogging pores along the way for brighter clearer skin.

  • Ingredients to look for : salicylic acid or glycolic acid.  

For dry skin :

Hydrating toners are for you. They will add moisture back to your skin while balancing your skin tone

  • Ingredients to look for : Glycerin, hyaluronic acid or rosewater

For combination skin :

Find a toner that is both oil regulating and rich in hydrating ingredients 

For sensitive skin :

Pick a toner with soothing ingredients and that offers deep hydration.

  • Ingredients to look for : aloe vera, Rose Water, and Hyaluronic Acid. Avoid alcohol toners at all costs.  

Are toners worth your coins?

The simple answer is YES. Toners allow the skin to absorb the next steps of the routine better, they can be hydrating , nourishing and help remove dirt and dead cells.
Finding a toner is an essential part of a skincare routine but it is important to find the right one. One that works for YOUR skin and its needs. Also remember that not all toners are made equal. 

Here are a  3  general tips to keep you on the right track while choosing a toner

  • Choose an alcohol-free toner 
  • Choose a toner with no artificial fragrance.
  • Avoid toners that contain parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.


Photo by Jess @Harper Sunday on Unsplash 

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