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Which skincare persona are you?

Nowadays, more people are interested in taking care of their physical and mental health. On social media we can see this switch in mindset with sports coaches and skincare gurus. Today , we made a list of the different kinds of skincare enthousiast we’ve encountered. This list is made on the basi...
Tips to sleep better

Tips to sleep better

Nowadays, the urge for productivity and success often leads to sacrificing free time and sleep. But, resting and more so sleeping is essential for a person ‘s well being. In fact, sleep is when the body gets to be restored. So to maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not neglect sleeping.  A restful s...
The best skin care routine for oily skin

The best skin care routine for oily skin

Excess sebum, constantly shiny skin, and often subject to imperfections. This describes the problems encountered by people with oily skin. In this article, we will explain what oily skin is and guide you in establishing a skin care routine that is adapted to your skin.   What is oily skin? Oily s...
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How to find your skincare routine?

We all want clear and glowy skin. It is simply not a question of luck or of DNA, beautiful skin is the result of your daily habits. Here are a few tips to help you get to find your skincare routine. Step  1 : Know your skin type We hear a lot about  knowing  your skin type but what does it mean ...
Luxurious vegan A-beauty brand to know : Freya+ Bailey

Luxurious vegan A-beauty brand to know : Freya+ Bailey

In our quest to build Cacao as the leading sanctuary for the best A-beauty brands in the world, we scoured the internet, social media, magazines , and our closed ones brains to unearth skincare and wellness gems. This is how we found Freya+ Bailey  ❤️ 1. What is Freya+Bailey? Freya+Bailey is a pl...
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With the #CacaoBeautySecret interview series, get to know our favorite influencers and community members in 16 short questions. Together, we take a closer look at their beauty routines to get inspired and unleash OUR beauty on OUR own terms. Tag us (@cacaoskincare) in a skincare selfie on instagr...