The ultimate routine for combination skin

The ultimate routine for combination skin

Getting the perfect routine for your skin is important but it is also difficult when you do not know your skin type. We 've tackle routines for normal skin, for dry skin and for oily skin. Today, the hot topic is combination skin : 

  • what is it ?
  • Which routine to use when you have combination skin?

What is combination skin ?

Skin is considered combination when it is both oily on the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and dry or normal on the rest of the face. This can be confusing to take care of because your skin has oily zones and dry patches. The important thing is to maintain the balance of your skin.

Which routine combination skin?

Like any skin care routine it is important to start the routine by cleaning your face. We recommend a double cleanse at night  with a first cleanse with an oil cleanser like the Melting Cleansing Oil from Kadalys and or Epara’s Cleansing Oil. A second cleanse with gel cleanser like Kadalys ‘s Gel Cleanser in the winter which cleanses the skin while preserving its natural hydration; In the summer,  the Organic Clarifying Toner to remove the last traces of impurities and make up. Kadalys has a great one which also stimulates cell renewal. 

 Follow up with a  light serum. A water based serum filled with antioxidants like the Melyon’s Detox serum is a great option.

It contains vitamin C and salicylic acid both are great ingredients to protect the skin against pollution and external aggressions.

The next step is the moisturizer. As the skin has oily zones, it may be tempting to avoid using a moisturizer but that would be a mistake. Use a light moisturizer. Here are a few you could choose from 

Forte  Retinol Lustre Moisturizer from Freya+Bailey

Day Cream from Melyon and the Night Cream for Melyon at Night

For some weekly skin loving, try a mask like  the Purifying White Clay Mask from Nectarome or the Peeling from Kadalys for some skin renewal.


Now that you know the best skincare routine for combination skin, do you want to know how to address your skin's other needs: treating hyperpigmentation, aging, clogged pores, sensitivity? Download our free guide on how to care for your skin here. Available in English and French.

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Image from  Pexels by Olha Ruskykh and by Ron Lach

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