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5 Tips for soft, smooth skin

5 Tips for soft, smooth skin

Moisturizing your skin can help to prevent dryness, flaking, and cracking, which can be uncomfortable and unsightly.Here are some tips for ensuring soft, smooth skin: Drink plenty of water One of the easiest and most effective ways to hydrate your skin is to drink enough water. Aim for at leas...
The ultimate routine for combination skin

The ultimate routine for combination skin

Getting the perfect routine for your skin is important but it is also difficult when you do not know your skin type. We 've tackle routines for normal skin, for dry skin and for oily skin. Today, the hot topic is combination skin :  what is it ? Which routine to use when you have combination ski...
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How to find your skincare routine?

We all want clear and glowy skin. It is simply not a question of luck or of DNA, beautiful skin is the result of your daily habits. Here are a few tips to help you get to find your skincare routine. Step  1 : Know your skin type We hear a lot about  knowing  your skin type but what does it mean ...

Double Cleansing : Yay or Nay?

In recent years, we have all heard about double facial cleansing during the evening routine. If you haven't heard about it, don't worry, we'll break it down for you.